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Hot Mouth Disturbs Comfort, Resolve This Way

Mouth feels hot even though you are not eating warm or spicy food might make you wonder, "What is the cause?" Curious what causes the mouth to feel hot and how to overcome it? Check out this article, let's! This burning sensation can appear on the roof of the mouth, tongue, or lips. Usually the burning sensation in the mouth is accompanied by the mouth feeling dry, numb, bitter, or like a sensation of metallic taste. Causes Mouth Feeling Hot The sensation of hot mouth can appear suddenly, but can also appear slowly and increasingly felt from day to day. The cause is not yet known with certainty, but there are several things that can increase the risk of this condition, including: Hormonal changes. Allergic to ingredients used in teeth, can be toothpaste, mouthwash, and dentures, Suffers from oral infections, and lacks B12, folate and iron intake. Have a habit of grinding your teeth or bruxism. Suffer from certain diseases, such as stomach acid, diabetes, thyroi
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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Control Pills

Maybe you are still unsure about using birth control pills, either because you don't know how to use them properly or are worried about side effects. Well, so there is no doubt, know a number of facts about birth control pills that are most often asked by women, through the discussion in this article. Birth control pills are one of the contraceptives used to prevent pregnancy. Apart from birth control pills, there are actually many other types of contraception, such as spirals, condoms, implants or implants, and steady birth control or sterilization. Birth control pills are known to be effective in preventing pregnancy, with a very low percentage of failures, as long as they are used correctly. In addition, compared to several other contraceptives, birth control pills also have a relatively more affordable price. Although it is very effective and has affordable prices, not a few women are still hesitant to take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. The following are some o

The Ideal 5 Month Baby Weight and How to Get it

5-month-old baby's weight generally reaches 2 times the initial birth weight. Weight gain in this baby depends on the intake of nutrients the baby gets during growth and development. To monitor the development and growth of the baby, it is important to weigh the baby's weight regularly every month. Therefore, changes in body weight become an important part in monitoring the growth and development of infants. When the baby is 5 months old, the ideal weight for a baby boy is in the range of 6 kg - 9.5 kg with a body length ranging from 62 cm - 70 cm, while for a baby girl ideally about 5.5 - 9 kg, with a body length 60 - 68 cm. Intake Required for 5-Month Babies To get the ideal 5 month baby weight is actually not difficult. You only need to pay close attention to the intake your baby needs so that they don't experience shortages or being overweight. Here are some nutritional intake and estimated quantities needed: Mother's Milk Breast milk is the ideal nutritio