The Ideal 5 Month Baby Weight and How to Get it

5-month-old baby's weight generally reaches 2 times the initial birth weight. Weight gain in this baby depends on the intake of nutrients the baby gets during growth and development. To monitor the development and growth of the baby, it is important to weigh the baby's weight regularly every month. Therefore, changes in body weight become an important part in monitoring the growth and development of infants. When the baby is 5 months old, the ideal weight for a baby boy is in the range of 6 kg - 9.5 kg with a body length ranging from 62 cm - 70 cm, while for a baby girl ideally about 5.5 - 9 kg, with a body length 60 - 68 cm. Intake Required for 5-Month Babies To get the ideal 5 month baby weight is actually not difficult. You only need to pay close attention to the intake your baby needs so that they don't experience shortages or being overweight. Here are some nutritional intake and estimated quantities needed: Mother's Milk Breast milk is the ideal nutritiona…
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